San Francisco group Chance’s End will be the first to admit that electronic music is the last thing you would expect to hear from a folk singer and a classical violinist. Vocalist Emily Zisman’s folk-rooted melodies are awash in Americana, while Ryan Avery’s violin seeps into every crevice.

Chance’s End is currently recording and releasing digital singles via their website¬† They play shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and occasionally tour regionally along the western US coast. Lead singer Emily Zisman also maintains a solo singer/songwriter outlet for her folk music at¬†

Chance’s End was formed in 2001 by Ryan as an outlet for fusing solo acoustic violin over his love of downtempo electronica. Some time in 2008, Ryan and Emily met at a crowded blues bar where they were playing on a shared bill. Over the next two years, they built a musical understanding by collaborating on eachother’s tracks. It became apparent that a musical partnership was solidifying, so in 2010 Emily joined Chance’s End as frontwoman and lead singer.

Though San Francisco’s eclictic melting pot tends to make odd-couple musical duos a cliche, the music of Chance’s End is anything but.