Rich Girl collaborator profile: Kingmond Young

xwclrmfud6z61vm_400Kingmond Young brings a lifetime of experience to every shoot. He owns and operates a full service studio and is experienced in producing and conceptualizing advertising, collateral, stock, and editorial photoshoots both on location and in-studio. He has completed assignments in almost every major city in the U.S. This is the first time that Chance’s End has collaborated with Kingmond, but I have been aware of his work for several years after walking past his studio front many times, enchanted by the fantastical and theatrical photos. What I like about his photos is that they have a uniquely surreal quality about them while still remaining human. Finally, I got a long-awaited chance to collaborate when our schedules aligned for the Rich Girl album cover. In our shoot, he was able to really highlight the electronic aspect of the music by injecting a subtle a techno-noir feel into the photos. Head to for more about Kingmond.