The Outsider reaches #3 on the Trip-Hop charts!

Today I was doing a bit of catch-up promotional work, and I needed to grab a link to The Outsider on Little did I know I would see this little nugget in the process:

No, this is not photoshopped. Yes, this is a screen-capture that shows Chance’s End at #3 on the Trip-Hop best-sellers list!!

I’m still trying to piece together the specific events that have come together to make this possible (I have a suspicion that Pandora has been playing a large role in the recent run of Diamond In Disguise up the chart), but I do know that the real reason Chance’s End is directly behind Gotye and Zero 7 in the charts is because we have the best fans in the world!!

Additionally, the album started charting in the Electronica genre, which is much tougher competition. At one point, I caught it at #48 on the Electronica best-sellers chart, though the image below shows it at #66.

It’s a little tough to read, but that’s The Outsider right behind Amon Tobin, Girl Talk, and Tycho! Now, the charts are completely dynamic and notoriously volatile. So there’s a highly-likely chance that it will be lower in the charts by the time you read this. But I think having reached this high on the chart is a testament to how great everyone has been about sharing the music with their friends and networks. Please keep it up! And if you haven’t already, check out the new album Down The Doors, download one of the free songs, and help spread the word! 🙂